Below are assignments completed by 7th grade students
Attention: Please see below Energy Power PointsAttention; Quiz over Layers of the Atmosphere on Wednesday, May 30th. The graphic organizer (booklet) and the DR are also due on Wednesday.
(5-31-2012) Lab-Students worked in small groups to complete a lab about Relative Humidity.
(5-30-2012) Reviewed answers to "The Air Up There" and the Directed Reading. Students turned in these assignments. Students took a quiz over the Layers of the Atmosphere. Introduced the activity of recording weather forecast from 3 television stations.
(5-29-2012) Demonstrated conduction, convection, radiation, air pressure. density of hot and cold water. Students were given a Directed Reading for homework and it is due tomorrow. We will have a quiz tomorrow over the layers of the atmosphere, and the graphic organizer can be used during the quiz and it is also due tomorrow.
(5-25-2012) Demonstrated air pressure. Students worked with a partner to complete a worksheet titled "The Air Up There'. What was not completed in class is homework and the worksheet is due Tuesday, May 29th.
(5-24-2012) Demonstrated using balloons and a meter stick how air has mass. Using a power point presentation discussed the layers of the atmosphere. Students are writing facts into their graphic organizer booklet. Passed back graded papers.
(5-23-2012) Using individual computers students continued with and completed the atmosphere web quest from last Friday. The web quest is due Friday, 5-25.
(5-22-2012) Students viewed a video titled "Atmosphere on the Air" and wrote notes about the atmosphere into their graphic organizer.
(5-21-2012) Students created a graphic organizer booklet for the layers of the atmosphere.
(5-18-2012) Using individual computers students began a web quest about the atmosphere. We are beginning to learn about weather.
(5-17-2012) Room 7B dissected frogs.
(5-16-2012) Room 7A dissected frogs.
(5-15-2012) Room 7 dissected frogs.
(5-14-2012) Review with students expectations and procedures for frog dissection. Room 7 will dissect on Tuesday, 5-15. Room 7A will dissect on Wednesday, 5-16. Room 7B will dissect on Thursday, 5-17.
(5-10-2012) Students took the Chapter Test over "Interaction of Living Things" and handed in their graphic organizers. Have a great long weekend.
(5-9-2012) Reviewed with students answers to "Exploring Relationships Among Living Things". Students handed this in for points. Played Jeopardy to review for tomorrows Chapter Test. Graphic Organizer is due tomorrow.
(5-8-2012) Students worked with a partner to complete an activity titled "Exploring Relationships Among Living Things"' Students looked at various illustrations and made inferences about relationships among organisms. What is not completed in class is homework and due tomorrow 5-9.
(5-7-2012) Shorten classes due to Pascal Pal activity. Students orally presented their poster projects.

Food Chain
Food Webs
Population Estimation
Nutrient Cycling
Nitrogen Cycle2
Ecological Footpring
Biomes Around the World

Links for Friday, May 18th Atmosphere Web quest
Layers of the Atmosphere
Earth's Atmosphere

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