Below are assignments completed by 8th grade students
(5-31-2012) Viewed a Brainpop clip on Genetics. Discussed the symbols and lines that are used in a pedigree. Students worked with a partner to complete a pedigree activity.
(5-30-2012) Lab-Students extracted DNA from strawberries.
(5-29-2012) Students worked in groups to compete a punnett square activity. What was not completed in class is homework and it is due tomorrow.
(5-25-2012) Using individual computers students completed a web quest titled "Tour of the Basics". What was not completed in class is homework and the web quest is due Tuesday, May 29th. See link to complete web quest DNA-Tour of the Basics
(5-24-2012) Reviewed responses to Wednesday's lab. Students completed an activity titled "The Secret Code". Students are examining traits and probability.
(5-23-2012) Lab-Students completed the activity "Inherited Traits". What is not completed in class is homework and this is due on Thursday, 5-24.
(5-22-2012) Viewed a Bill Nye video about Genetics. Using a power point presentation reviewed and discussed Genetics. Students took notes.
(5-21-2012) Viewed a Discovery video titled "Understanding the Power of Genes"
(5-18-2012) No 8th grade classes-May Crowning
(5-17-2012) Reviewed cow eye dissection. Students took a quiz labeling the eye. Student began an activity label "The Human Genetic System" examining genetic traits classmates posses. What was not completed in class is homework and the activity and graph are due on Monday, May 21st.
(5-16-2012) Lab-Cow eye dissections.
(5-15-2012) Reviewed with students cow eye dissection. Read through the cow eye lab and explained expectations.
(5-14-2012) Students completed a genetic activity about probability.

Link for Thursday, April 26th Webquest
Stars and Galaxies Web quest

Link for Wednesday's May 9th Webquest
Eye Webquest

Link for Friday's May 25th Webquest
DNA-Tour of the Basics